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Battery Recycle


We bring new life to idled IT assets by refurbishing and remarketing them. But when electronics must be recycled, our end-to-life solutions coupled with our technology leadership ensures your e-waste is recycled the right way! You can rest assured that your electronics never end up where they shouldn't. Your brand is safe with us because:


Complete ITAD Portfolio

Our ITAD solution maximizes client asset recovery with a flexible program that is suited to the requirements of their business. Pure Recovery is achieved through comprehensive and secure reverse logistics, inventory management, and disposition reports.


Core Competencies

· Asset Track audit package

· Data erasure, sanitization and destruction

· Remarket equipment and components

· Disassembly for proper material recycling

· Full compliance and indemnification


Secure Destruction Services

As part of our recycling process, we separate all hard drives from the electronics and physically destroy them with a shredding method. Whether a computer comes from a fortune 500 company or the landfill, all hard drives are completely destroyed. By shredding the hard drives, any data contained on the device is completely non-recoverable and complies with data privacy acts such as, FACTA and HIPPA.


Our standard secure destruction service includes:

· When the items arrive to IQA Metal , our screened destruction employees will weigh all the sealed boxes of materials for destruction as a total weight.

· The materials are then shred under surveillance video.

· Certificate of Destruction will sent after destroyed. The Destruction Certificate will include, the total weight of materials destroyed, time duration of destruction and certified destruction employee’s signature.

· IQA Metal can also provide custom reporting for each customer’s specific needs such as S/N, Date Code, etc. Let us know what you need and we can customize reporting

· All shredded material is then 100% recycled



Companies across the globe are facing the rigorous and often daunting task of protecting corporate as well as customer data through secure data erasure services. It has been IQA Metal mission since it’s inception to partner with clients on the mission to manage electronics such that no data escape is possible nor permissible.

At IQA Metal data erasure services facilities, a client can be assured that their assets will be received in fully armed, securely monitored, and guarded facilities. Since its inception, IQA Metal has maintained software free facilities. All data devices move under the strictest security to technicians that employ a wholly owned, internally developed configuration and erasure software known as the IQA Metal Shield. The Shield has been forensically tested to guarantee rewrite on any Intel or AMD based system. IQA Metal technicians and management closely monitor and certify this process. With IQA Metal should a sector or drive fail, that drive is immediately removed and physically crushed and shredded.

IQA Metal data erasure service goes beyond compliance to meet and exceed standards to provide complete customer privacy protection in all aspects and on all devices processed. IQA Metal maintains the highest levels of insurance to give clients the extra measure of assurance when trusting the IQA Metal team with sensitive data and data containing devices.

Contact us today for more information about data security and erasure services.




Asset Track

Chain-of-custody is the foundation for ITAD risk management and legal indemnification.

IQA Metal web-based Asset Track is an inventory process for the tracking and settlement of complete units, subassemblies, scrap material, and material for refining. With Asset Track auditing, customers are provided the flexibility of customized reporting, reverse logistics, and the asset management solution suited to their requirements. Real time tracking reports enable viewers to identify when assets are prepared for remarketing or disassembled for recycling. All remarketed, recycled, and destroyed assets are issued the appropriate certificate for your permanent records. Lot Settlements and Downstream Reporting assure environmental compliance, in addition to final disposition of all products redeployed or recycled.


No Hazardous Waste is landfilled


Our compliant, “Zero Waste” environmental management system assures vendors their IT assets are disposed of properly: DE-manufacturing and segregation of material is conducted in DEPT-permitted facilities. Serialization and auditable barcode tracking of product ensures final disposition of all hazardous and non-hazardous material recycled. Your assets are accounted for and potential risk and liability is eliminated.


We can recycle any commercial electronic waste that contains any combination of batteries, circuit boards, and plugs. If you have a question or have an electronic item that is not on the list below, please call us and we will be happy to help you.



Computers and Peripherals


Desktop PCs/Servers

Monitors (Flat Screen)

Computer Mice

Cables & Accessories


Hard Drives

Computer Power Supplies

Computer Peripherals

Gaming Devices


Network Devices

Circuit Boards/Cards

Media Speakers


Office and Telecom Equipment



Fax Machines

Video & Audio Equipment

PBX Systems

Projection Equipment



Security Equipment

Receivers & Transmitters

Mobile Devices


Home/Office Equipment




Cell Phones/Smartphones

Copiers & Multifunction Devices

Phones & Communication Devices

Cables, CDs & DVD Media


Personal Digital Assistants

Gaming Devices

MP3 Players


Data Center Equipment


Power Distribution Units

Mainframe Computer Equipment

Motor Generator Sets

Server Racks

Cable Equipment

Cable Boxes (analog, digital, satellite)

Laboratory and Medical Equipment

Anesthesia Units


IV Pumps


Ultrasound Equipment

Test Equipment

Commercially Available(not customized)



Home Entertainment Equipment


Cable Set Top Box

(analog, digital, satellite)

Accessories & Cables

LCD Monitors

Stereo Equipment

Hi-Fi Speakers

Video Players

Digital Cameras

DVD Players

Video Cameras

Game Consoles




IQA Metal Inc metal scrap-recycling division operates public recycling centers that buyback, process, and ship following metals


Ferrous Metal


· P&S

· MHS 1 / HMS 2

· Cast Irons

· Engines


Non-Ferrous Metal


· Copper

· Copper Insulation Wires

· Aluminum

· Cast Aluminum

· Aluminum Wires

· Stainless Steel

· Motor

· Radiators

· Transmissions

· Precious metals


We offer the best buyback prices. All Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals are preliminarily sorted and then shipped to our oversea processing facilities for further processing into commonly recognized smelting grades. Once the metals are processed, they will be delivered to steel mills or smelting plants as raw material.



Repair Services


Some IT assets can be reconditioned or repaired and returned to service. We have qualified repair technicians on staff to inspect and refurbish the salvageable assets to ensure more value in your pocket.


Reverse Logistics

Our focus is secured chain of custody from office space to our trucks to final destination. IQA Metal works with selected best in class third party logistics partners around the world to ensure that we bring seamless, optimized reverse logistics services as part of your after sales solution package, wherever you need it.


Data Erasure

Every mobile device purchased undergoes a rigorous data wiping process performed by our skilled security technicians. Our quality assurance department then retests each device to confirm the sensitive information has been sanitized.


Re-marketing & Resale

Reuse is the highest form of recycling. If your wireless devices are in good working condition and are deemed to have value in the secondary market, they will be cleaned up and returned to service.



Once wireless assets reach their end-of-life, they are broken down so that the reusable materials inside the devices can be re-purposed.




IQA Metal runs a comprehensive and effective collection system to gather used lithium-ion batteries and a range of other battery types from diverse sources, spanning consumer electronics, electric vehicles, industrial applications, and beyond. Through our advanced processing methods, we guarantee the secure and environmentally sound disassembly of these batteries. Adhering strictly to top-tier industry norms, we prioritize the protection of our environment and the well-being of our employees.


We employ state-of-the-art refining techniques to retrieve valuable metals like lithium, cobalt, nickel, and other rare materials inherent in batteries. By reclaiming these valuable resources, we significantly diminish the necessity for mining and mitigate the impact on natural ecosystems.






In high-temperature pyrometallurgical procedures, metals can be extracted from various battery components. This method is particularly suitable for recycling metals present in battery cathodes and anodes. By subjecting battery components to high temperatures, metals with different melting points can be separated and extracted. While pyrometallurgy is effective for some metals, it demands significant energy and often results in waste production.



Hydrometallurgical processes involve dissolving metals in water and subsequently isolating them from other battery materials. This method offers high selectivity and can be customized for different metals of interest. For instance:


1. Acid Leaching:

Metals in shredded battery materials can be dissolved using acidic solutions, producing a metal-rich leachate that undergoes selective precipitation to extract the metal ions.

2. Solvent Extraction:

Organic solvents are employed to selectively extract metals from the leachate, separating the aqueous and organic phases through liquid-liquid phase separation.

3. Ion Exchange:

Metal ions in solution are exchanged with other ions attached to a solid substance, enabling the selective concentration of desired metals.



Electrode surfaces are exposed to electrical currents, facilitating the precise deposition and separation of metals. Electrometallurgical processes like electrowinning and electrorefining are utilized to recover metals from batteries with high accuracy.



In the precipitation process, specific chemicals are added to wastewater solutions to solidify metal compounds, enabling their separation from the solution for further processing. Precipitation is often combined with other methods to clean leachate and enhance purification.