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Commodity Trading Services


IQA Metal contracted with precious metal refiner for many years. Companies of every size from around the world have benefited from our personalized services, innovative technologies and environmental commitment. We specialize in custom solutions and metals recovery technologies and serve a wide variety of industries, including:


· Electronics manufacturing

· Surface mount and electroplating sectors

· Semiconductor and hybrid microelectronic manufacturing

· Telecommunications

· Aircraft and defense


Advanced Technologies

Our refinery offers the most advanced equipment for recovering gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper from solids, liquids, sludge and powders. IQA Metal is permitted by the U.S. EPA to receive and process precious metal bearing hazardous waste .


Personalized Service

Our refining operation provides a wide range of services including a free, no obligation plant audit. IQA Metal works with your environmental staff to accomplish goals and maximize recovery. We offer many other personalized services including:


· An open door policy

· A fixed purchase plan

· Easy-to-read settlement reports

· Tolling, hedging and metal exchange programs


Committed to being a reliable, professional partner, we would be glad to meet with you to create a program tailored to meet your needs and requirements. 


Waste Stream Evaluations

There are many choices when it comes to selecting a precious-metals refiner.


Determining which organization adds the most value isn't easy. At IQA Metal , we understand how businesses employ precious metals in their manufacturing operations; therefore we can add value beyond the refining process. Our Technical Service Solutions (TSS) assists our clients measure and manage the refining process.

By setting standards of operation through waste stream evaluations, we protect the interest of our clients and improve their total recovery. Some of our solutions include: Waste Stream Evaluations (WSE), Digital Representation, and Independent Representation with Assay Certification.


Management Reporting

IQA Metal understands that managing precious metal reclamation is not the focus of our client's business. In order to professionally and effectively process precious metal waste, there must be systems in place to measure and manage the results.

Our sophisticated refining circuit combined with our comprehensive tracking and reporting systems ensure that each shipment is individually processed in a precisely controlled manner.

Using data captured by our information systems, we generate customized reports for our clients, delivering information when and how they want it. Reports such as excel spreadsheet analysis reports, monthly accountable records, and certificates of destruction are easily distributed from our information systems.

These valuable reports help our clients identify trends, quickly address issues, and form the foundation for future decisions.


         Circuit Boards


    · PC/Motherboards


    ·  Video/Sound Cards,Etc.


    ·  Hard Drive Boards


    ·  Server/Network Boards


  · Mid Grade Boards – Based on pictures and Cu & Gold Recovery (Power Supply boards, etc.)


    ·  Low Grade Boards


                                                                                                                                          ·  All boards Price varies on quality





· Green Fiber – Green Plastic CPUs (P3, AMD, etc.)


· Black Fiber – Black Plastic CPUs (Pentium & Celeron)


· LGA (No Pins) – Various Ceramic CPUs with no pins


· Pentium 1 & AMD Ceramic – Pentium 1 & AMD Ceramic, No Gold or Aluminum Plates


· Pentium Pro


· Intel Ceramic 386/486/i960


· Gold Top – Gold Plate on Top of Ceramic CPU


· Gold Bottom – Gold Plate on Bottom of Ceramic CPU


· Gold Top AND Bottom – Gold Plate on Top & Bottom of Ceramic CPU


· AMD w/Alum Top


· Slot CPU – Slot CPU Card w/CPU attached (Plastic Removed)


· CPUs with Heatsinks – Determined on CPU Value and Heatsink Weight


· Memory/Ram


· Gold & silver Ram- All RAM from CPUs ,Laptops, and Servers 


Industrial & Microelectronics


                                   Printed Circuit Boards                                      Connectors

                               Integrated Circuits                                            Contacts

                               Components                                                      Chips

                               Thermocouples                                                 Chlorides

                               Anodes/Racks                                                   Dragouts

                               Precipitates                                                       Cleanouts

                               Tank Scrapings                                                 Substrates

                               Vacuum Deposition                                          Wafers

                               Plating Solution                                                Sludges

                               Strip Solution                                                    Solder

                               Aluminum Foil                                                 Router Dust

                               Ceramic Packages                                             Targets 

                               Relays/Diodes                                                   Paints

                               Brazing Alloys                                                  Spent Carbon 

                               Thin & Thick Film Scrap



Today’s Marketplace is one of an extremely fast paced and constantly changing environment. IQA Metal offers a team of trading professionals with industry expertise who can offer competitive and up to the minute commodity pricing based on the AMM, Kitco and the LME.