Job Title: Management Analyst


IQA Metal, Inc. is an IT asset metal and electronics recycling company which provides state-of-the-art life-cycle management solutions for surplus, obsolete, and end-of-life electronic products. We produce the highest value for our customers, while producing the smallest environmental footprint available in the world. Our success has been built on environmental stewardship, and developing and utilizing our commitment to customer service. We are proud to be certified with ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.


As our business continues to grow in scale and complexity in our industry, we have a need to institute stronger management decision-making strategies and procedures based on extensive data-driven business, financial, marketing, and operational analysis. As a result, we need the professional services of a Management Analyst to study our organizational operations and evaluate how best to adapt the export processes of our supply chain operations in our e-waste recycling operations to continue efficiently and effectively to provide efficient, high-quality services to our clients. The Management Analyst will analyze the export processes of our e-waste recycling services and the changes that may be needed to better adapt our offerings as well as analyzing the associated costs, anticipated revenue, and other finances. The Management Analyst will monitor and report to our management the trends regarding the export processes of our operations and assist with developing strategies for our company to remain competitive and sustainable in the e-waste recycling industry.


In a quantitative breakdown, the Management Analyst will perform the following duties:


Management, Organizational, & Financial  Research & Analysis of Our Export Allocation Operations (75%)

· Conduct organizational studies on logistical functions, accounting & finances, information systems & technology, organizational structure & behavior, & other business areas related to the export allocation of our e-waste recycling operations to maximize operational efficiency & profit.

· Analyze collected operational data to identify key performance indicators (KPI) to measure managerial performance, & utilize KPIs as metrics to measure the effectiveness of our export allocation operations & strategies.

· Analyze long-term operational & financial data sets to identify patterns, trends, & other factors that affect our business goals while isolating outlier datasets or unusual occurrences as related to the export allocation of our e-waste recycling operations.

· Evaluate our information systems & procedures for our export allocation processes related to internal communications between management & employees & determine whether new procedures are needed.

· Monitor implemented changes to our export allocation processes to measure & analyze their effectiveness based on statistical trends in improvements, & prepare remedial actions if needed.

· Conduct cost/benefit analysis to calculate anticipated revenue in different export allocation processes.

· Prepare corresponding financial & statistical reports for management with recommendations for implementation of new procedures or organizational changes related to our export allocation processes.


Improving Operational Efficiency, Profitability, & Productivity (25%)

· Review & analyze our company’s management decision-making principles, methods, & systems related to our export allocation processes, & formulate recommendations for how to improve efficiency, manage costs, & improve revenue related to these processes.

· Study operations & management processes to improve the efficiency of our export allocation processes through automation or streamlining of administrative duties, removal of duplicate job functions, elimination & minimization of costly errors, & more related to these processes.

· Present new operational policies & procedures, as well as financial strategies, that will improve efficiency & reduce costs of our export allocation processes.


Minimum Requirements:

· Master’s degree in management or related field;

· 6 months’ work experience using business data to optimize a company’s business operations;

· College coursework in project management and project planning;

· Strong interpersonal and leadership skills.



Apply to or IQA Metal, Inc. c/o Pingping Huang, IQA Metal, Inc., 13825 Norton Ave., Chino, CA 91710.